Roof Painting & Repairs in Christchurch

Whether you have a tile, decramastic or iron roof we can paint it all! Painting gives your roof new life to last the years and harsh Christchurch conditions ahead.


Here at Revival Roofs painting and repairs service, we look after your house like it's our own. With a prescribed quote that will give your house the right treatment bringing it back to full health.

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For our trusted Revival Roofs painting and repairs service we go through this simple 5-step process:
1. Inspect - After our quote has been accepted with an arranged time to undertake, we inspect the roof of all it's conditions while equipping the appropriate safety equipment to undertake the job.
2. Prepare - This is the most important undertaking of the service. After it is safe, our power pressure water blasting is used to clear the roof of any debris, dirt or loose particles that could ruin the life span of the roof coatings applied. If moss and mould is present or rust, it will properly treated to before any coats of paints are applied.
3. Repair - Before making any roof paint applications, we repair the roof of any signs of deterioration and unhealthy cracks that could create leaky problems. This service includes, sealing around pipes or holes, replacing broken tiles, pointing crack works, removing dents and replacing full tin sheets.
4. Base-coat - These coats are different for each type of roofing. Approved sealers and base coats are applied to tiled roofs and iron roofs, respectively. This step secures the surface before the final coat.
5. Top-coat - For the final step, we use the our airless sprayers to give a flawless finish. Using the experience we check, and double check to make sure there are no missing areas pulling out the full flavour of colour chosen by you, the customer, giving your roof new life!

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We are safety conscious!

Safety is our top priority. We believe that our physical and mental well-beings are important in this industry, and safety on the job surrounds both these areas. We specialise ourselves with rope and harness, which is both efficient and cheaper for our customers. Our team is fully competent to undertake even the more complex jobs, with person(s) in charge having at least completed NZQA standards 15757, 17600, 23229, 25045 testing with regards to height and safety. Peace of mind for everyone!