Are you looking to find reliable roof maintenance contractors in Christchurch? We've got you covered!

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Revival Roofs maintenance services include:
  • Roof painting and recoating - including gutters and fascia boards.

  • Roof repair - including tile replacement, repointing, iron replacement, re-nailing.

  • Pre-paint preparation

  • House painting in Christchurch – exterior painting for residential and commercial properties.

  • Property maintenance including, deck and fence painting and staining.

  • Moss and mould treatment 

  • Water blasting – for decks, driveways, roofs and fences.

  • House washing canterbury wide

  • Gutter cleaning

Don't look to replace your roof, you'll be amazed to know that re-coating can often be less than half the cost. Most of the time your roof doesn't need replacing! Revival Roofs wants to support the rebuild of Christchurch city, that includes repairing homes with rusty broken roofs and sealing it with a new coat of paint. We believe in our service and know you will too. So don't hesitate to contact us today!

We are safety conscious!

Safety is our top priority. We believe that our physical and mental well-beings are important in this industry, and safety on the job surrounds both these areas. We specialise ourselves with rope and harness, which is both efficient and cheaper for our customers. Our team is fully competent to undertake even the more complex jobs, with person(s) in charge having at least completed NZQA standards 15757, 17600, 23229, 25045 testing with regards to height and safety. Peace of mind for everyone!

Roof painting denim blue with safety harness equipment

Look no further to get your roof painted! From iron to decramastic to tiled roofing. We fix small leaks and re-nail if needed, keeping your roof fully protected from weather and looking new!

Pressure waterblasting in Canterbury is a perfect treat. Keeping all exterior surfaces clean and free from dirt, grime, moss and mould. We can get rid of it all! Roof cleaning and gutter cleaning is all a part of it

Needing a large area of surface painted? We have expertise and the tools to undergo most paint jobs. We offer a service that is competitive in quality and cost, giving a beautiful makeover to your home.