Moss Treatments

Moss and Mould

Moss and mould grow only where there is sufficient build-up of moisture and dirt particles to support them, usually on the areas sun rays don't hit. Thankfully, removing the growth is easy - just look at the difference in the photo above!

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Whether on a roofs, pathways or fences, a quick go over with our trusted chemical solution kills unwanted moss and lichen build up. If you don't think that will be enough we bring out our big guns with our powerful waterblasters. Nothing can hide from us!


With our chemical treatment, we use a concentrated moss and mould treatment that is sprayed on to your affected roof area. Our chemical treatment is biodegradable, environmentally safe producing no hazardous waste or chemicals and works by breaking down organic matter on your roof such as lichen and moss over a period of months. This is environmentally safe producing no dangerous waste or chemicals, which is friendly on the rest of your plants. This method of roof cleaning is compatible on all types of roof coatings.

If this method does not suffice our customers, we also offer to fully waterblast the build up of moss and lichen with on the roof. At low pressure, we ensure no damage comes to the roof paint, leaving your property tidy and clean.

Revival Roofs offers this service with a 18 month warranty!

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