Exterior Property Coating in Christchurch

Painting the exterior of a house or building is like putting on a bit of make up, it's not always necessary but it give that aesthetic value that people admire. We take pleasure in partnering with owners to undertake a fresh look to their property! It makes such a difference.

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In Christchurch, with so many new sub-division, most are required to get their fence painted. Painting fences can be an absolute nightmare, but with our trusted airless sprayers we get into all those knooks and crannies giving an admired finish.
Doing it by brush can be such a drag, and can take hours to get on face finished. Don't break your back doing it, our young team have the energy and skills to undertake these large areas.

Property walls, windows & doors

While commonly called for roofs, many customers also ask for a package deal on the exterior of their property. Inspecting, preparing and repairing, are the key details details we take before adding at least layers of coats to give bring out the full detail of colour.
We believe that preparation is the most important stage to give your exterior the best finishing coat. Sanding, filling and priming is our the step preparation process before touching it with your chosen paint. This will keep your property maintained and looking great! 

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