About Revival Roofs

At Revival roofs, our young team is dedicated to serving your property with a complete new coat of paint that will keep your roof protected to survive the harsh conditions that New Zealand has to offer. If you are looking for efficient, reliable and friendly contractors in Christchurch who can repair and paint your roof then seek no further! We guarantee quality service with 10-years warranty at competitive prices.
When we quote on your roof, you'll find that we are cheaper than the rest. This is because we don't commonly use expensive scaffolding. Our skills on the high ropes and our expertise with harnesses creates a fast, efficient and cost effective coating. We're like 'roofing ninjas'!

Our Vision

To be Christchurch's leading partners for all your exterior painting needs, bringing values and value for our Canterbury whānau.
We believe that we, Canterbury, are still in the process of repairing and preparing from our past to the future. We aim to be a company you can trust to provide quality service, but more than that we are a whānau who believe in values that extend beyond ourselves and in to our community.

We are safety conscious!

Safety is our top priority. We believe that our physical and mental well-beings are important in this industry, and safety on the job surrounds both these areas. We specialise ourselves with rope and harness, which is both efficient and cheaper for our customers. Our team is fully competent to undertake even the more complex jobs, with person(s) in charge having at least completed NZQA standards 15757, 17600, 23229, 25045 testing with regards to height and safety. Peace of mind for everyone!